Glen Ellyn, Mid-Century Basement Rec Room, DB

Glen Ellyn, Mid-Century Basement Rec Room, DB

Cast Away No More – Retro Inspired Basement Rec Room, Glen Ellyn, IL

Oftentimes relegated to a dumping ground fit only for a kids’ play space, this basement was no exception. Challenged by the lack of natural light and inherently cooler temps, this redo becomes the family’s go-to hangout space with the addition of a fireplace and layered lighting. Inspired by shades of caramel – light cherry wood accents, honey colored carpeting, silk light fixtures, creamy stone surround, and barely-there wall color –  the mood is kept light and cozy.

With a mix of mid-century finds and newer pieces, a vintage vibe is cultivated. Note the acrylic coffee table and retro inspired pendant lights. Careful placement of furniture and a minimum of clutter keep this room inviting while serving triple-duty as an entertainment area– dry bar beneath tucked beneath the stairs– and host to overnight guests with a luxurious American Leather comfort sleeper.

Whether enjoying the big game, Netflix classic or exercise video, everyone relishes this space – even the family pooch!

Deb Bayless, CKD, CBD

Project Details: