Serene and orderly surroundings allow me to feel more relaxed, better able to enjoy myself . . . just happier. When you live with things that bring you joy, your house truly becomes your home. Well-thought design – as I like to say, “percolated” design – is not only good, it’s important. Because, after all, you deserve to live beautifully; your family and friends – well, everyone – should feel welcome, comfortable and valued. Relating and having fun in uncluttered, beautiful and interesting surroundings is what it’s all about.

Together at Design For Keeps, we explore new ways to solve old problems in your kitchen, pantry, laundry, mudroom, powder room, hall bath, master suite, home office, family room and basement. Design elements like scale, proportion, and symmetry are top of mind as we look to incorporate and enhance the following:

  • Abundant Natural Light
  • Storage Capacity
  • Architectural Features
  • Entertainment Zones
  • Updated Color Scheme
  • Modern Appliances
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Full Access Cabinetry
  • Your Bathing Experience


– Deb Bayless


Design For Keeps
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